[nycphp-talk] Need help understanding NULL

tedd tedd at
Sun Aug 30 11:10:12 EDT 2009

At 10:54 AM -0400 8/30/09, lists at wrote:
>Andy Dirnberger wrote:
>>>  Dan, you're referring to the filter output part of the "validate input,
>>>  filter output" mantra I've memorized, right? Just checking...
>>  I believe he's referring to server-side validation ("validate input").
>>   Earlier Kristina said "you'll want to use a combination of
>>  client-side (form) validation and good database design."  While
>>  client-side validation is nice for the user (they don't have to wait
>>  for the page to reload), using client-side validation doesn't replace
>>  the need to validation the data once it gets back to the server.
>Hi Andy,
>I hate javascript so I never validate anything client side, but thanks
>for clarifying.


Javascript is just another language AND a way to interact with the 
user that php can't. It's just another tool to learn and use.



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