[nycphp-talk] naming identifiers

David Krings ramons at
Sun Aug 30 11:19:15 EDT 2009

Andy Dirnberger wrote:
  > And I use phpMyAdmin to create my tables all the time.  If you are

I use the XAMPP from Apachefriends and the first thing I ditch is phpMyAdmin. 
I probably should give it a shot again, but it used to be very limited and 
buggy. I find the MySQL GUI tools do a good job. They lack a bit of quality as 
well (although that depends on the build a lot), but they got all you need and 
are darn easy to use.

A really nice MySQL frontend for Windoze is Luckasoft's client (see The only 
problem I have with that one is that it costs 30$. I was lucky and at some 
point got a free license. Luckasoft also makes an IDE for PHP, which is really 
not bad. I just hope Sergey Lucka found some time to reimplement the debugger 
correctly so that it doesn't stop at the beginning of each script file. That 
is really annoying and made this otherwise fine and inexpensive IDE not very 
useful for the hobby development that I do.

Sorry, I'm digressing....


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