[nycphp-talk] Need help understanding NULL

lists at lists at
Sun Aug 30 11:42:39 EDT 2009

lists at wrote:
> tedd wrote:
>> Javascript is just another language AND a way to interact with the user
>> that php can't. It's just another tool to learn and use.

Yeah, I know, and I do use it when I feel it's the best option (or
sometimes the only option), but I just intensely dislike it. I know this
is going to sound irrational, but I hate the way it looks. It's fugly.

I guess I also resent it for the way people have abused it. I loathe
having control of my browser taken away from me, y'know? It irks me to
no end to have ads or windows or widgets popping up, not to mention
having my browser window resized. For the past few years I've been using
the NoScript add-on with FF so that I only have to deal with it if I
want to.


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