[nycphp-talk] Need help understanding NULL

lists at lists at
Sun Aug 30 12:14:26 EDT 2009

tedd wrote:
> At 11:09 PM -0400 8/29/09, lists at wrote:
>> *wonders if this programming stuff is ever going to get easier*
> Not any easier, but more enjoyable.

True, that. The things that I do have a firm grip on now have actually
become pretty fun to play around with.

> Once you figure out how to hold a hammer, you can beat the crap out of a
> lot of stuff while learning what a screwdriver is used for. Then with
> hammer and screw driver in hand, you can do some serious damage while
> learning what other tools do.
> Eventually you can get to building your first bird house, then shed, and
> then home. Like everything else, it takes time. Enjoy the trip.

Love the analogy.


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