[nycphp-talk] Sessions and cross domains

Michele Waldman mmwaldman at
Sat Jan 10 18:52:32 EST 2009

I using http and https in an iframe.  I have session variables for both.
Http does not need to know about https and vice versa.

In IE, if I load http the session variable are fine.  If I load https, the
session variables are fine.

However, when I have a page with http and https, it's not fine.

The http loads, then the https loads.  After the https loads, http does not
know about it's session variables.  If I reload http section then the
variables are there.

It's like either http or https session variables can be accessed, but the
separate pages aren't able to access their separate sessions at the same

I saw something when I was researching this problem about using
session.cookie_domain, but I couldn't get that to work for me.

Does anyone how you can have 2 different domains loaded and maintain session
variables for both domains in IE?

In firefox, I'm not having this problem.


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