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Rick Retzko rick at
Wed Jan 21 20:24:19 EST 2009

Hi Folks - 
This should be simple, but I haven't been able to debug it on my own, so I'm
asking for help.
I'm walking through a user's webform submission that I've put into an object
and comparing each of that object's properties with the current properties
($cur) stored on mySQL database.
The example below is input for a phone number (phone1).
This example stores the 10-digit phone number into variable $c:
If I use $key to capture the property to be checked ('phone1'), the
following stores null:
Any help on understanding why $cur->$key['descr'] is not synonymous with
$cur->phone1['descr'] when $key='phone1' would be a help!
Best Regards - 
rick at
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