[nycphp-talk] Looking for a Zend/PHP dev for a free to-do site

Corey H Maass - corey at
Fri Jan 23 11:31:08 EST 2009

I have an interesting idea for a to-do list/reminder site. I want to
release it completely free to help people (and to get our names out
there for other work). I've got the domain, I've got the web space, and
I've got the gen'l ideas worked out.

I am a front-end developer with a lot of background experience. I want
to concentrate on just designing and implementing this. I'm looking for
a Zend/PHP person to help think this thru and then do the back-end. It
will be a fun, not-too-intense evening and weekend project (shouldn't
take more than a couple weeks) that I think will get us some good

Let me know if yre interested. Thanks!


Corey H Maass
Gelform Design
Brooklyn, NY
Print and web design for art and business

em corey at
ph 646/228.5048
fx 866/502.4861
IM gelform

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