[nycphp-talk] mcrypt_encrypt

Michele Waldman mmwaldman at
Sun Jan 25 14:43:30 EST 2009

I got an undefined function error on mcrypt_encrypt.

It looks to be an extension.  I downloaded the source code.

I'm guessing my hosting provider didn't include it.  So what's new?

I see a lot on line about using use_entension=php_mcrypt.dll, but that's in
a windows environment.

Does anyone know?  If I have to do anything in the php.ini file to use
mcrypt on linux/apache/redhat?  Or if it's installed it just works?

I hate to think I'm going to have to recompile php on my machine, just to
get that function.

I'm looking in the php.conf file, I see loadmodule for

Do I just compile the php with the extension?

I'm guessing it doesn't matter what version I have now if I'm recompiling.

Does anyone know the name of the .so file that contains mcrypt is just in
case it's there and if I have to modify the php.conf file or do the
extensions have to be compiled in



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