[nycphp-talk] [ANNOUNCE] Andromeda Feature Freeze

Kenneth Downs ken at
Thu Jan 29 22:23:43 EST 2009

Andromeda is a database application framework written in PHP that builds 
and uses PostgreSQL databases.

I am very happy to announce that as of tonight, we have drafted all 
features that compose the original vision of Andromeda.  We are now 
entering into debugging and documentation mode and are proceeding to 
Release 1.

the docs are here:

and the demo is at

the source of the demo is available here:

I sometimes like to call Andromeda the "un-framework" because it has 
little in common with other frameworks out there.  Its primary goal is 
to eliminate as many tasks as possible through radical use of the D-R-Y 
principle at the database level.  In other words, we allow you to 
specify huge amounts of security and application logic within the 
description of the database.  This has ramifications for the entire 
cycle.  Things like ORM and MVC seem way too complicated after you have 
built an app with Andromeda -- a seasoned Andromeda  programmer wants to 
spec out the database and get straight to the presentation of custom 
pages, confidently knowing that the biz logic is all taken care of.

If you want to find out more, look at the source directory listed above, 
you will see that there are only two files.  The magic is in the 
'finance.dd.yaml' file, the entire demo as you see it is generated out 
of that file.

However, no automated system is ever going to handle every case, so 
Andromeda lets you freely and easily "escape the cage" at many levels.  
If you have to 'drink the coolaid' to use Andromeda, we would prefer it 
be only a teaspoon, not a jug.

Kenneth Downs
Secure Data Software, Inc.
631-689-7200   Fax: 631-689-0527
cell: 631-379-0010

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