[nycphp-talk] Non-Profit and Major Corporate PHP Users List

Michael B Allen ioplex at
Fri Jan 30 20:39:25 EST 2009

2009/1/30 Peter Sawczynec <ps at>:
> I am making a pitch on Mon Feb 2, 2009 to a non-profit to convert their
> entire web site to LAMP.
> Can anyone tell me a couple of company names, non-profit or major corp.,
> who are PHP users right now.
> When I look up PHP usage on the Internet, the results and stats often
> appear stale.
> Can anyone spare a few current co. names?

Big PHP sites are all over the place. Flikr, Yahoo!, Amazon, ... Just
look around. There usually not to hard to spot. Just look for '.php'
when you mouse-over URLs.

For example, look at the The International Herald Tribune site
( and look at any article. Then mouse-over links in the
side block with 'E-mail article', '3-Column format', etc.


Michael B Allen
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