[nycphp-talk] Non-Profit and Major Corporate PHP Users List

David Krings ramons at
Fri Jan 30 21:31:39 EST 2009

Peter Sawczynec wrote:
> Can anyone tell me a couple of company names, non-profit or major corp.,
> who are PHP users right now.

Well, one way to get to find out who uses PHP (meaning they use a PHP 
application on their web server, not necessarily develop in PHP) is to follow 
the links off the web sites of the popular frameworks. For example Joomla! is 
used by IHOP, United Nations, MTV's Quizilla. And of course MediaWiki, the 
engine running WikiPedia is written in PHP.
I don't know if it helps, but my German hometown newspaper runs 
their online presence using a CMS written entirely in PHP. Of course, I've 
forgotten the name of the CMS. And the WZ paper (WZ = Westdeutsche Zeitung) is 
not just some small penny saver paper. Same applies for the Aachener Zeitung 
Uh, and not to forget the other big CMS Drupal. Take a look here:

Hope this helps,


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