[nycphp-talk] Non-Profit and Major Corporate PHP Users List

Peter Sawczynec ps at
Fri Jan 30 23:04:53 EST 2009

I am looking really for a few good name not for profits in the style of

YMCA or Red Cross, etc. Or a big museum or art association. 

Yahoo, facebook are very good but I wanted more sensitively focused 
co. names related to not for profits. 

E.g. Joomla for United Nations is very good.
International Herald Tribune.
NY Botanical Garden.

IBM and Oracle corporate-level support is good

If there are any more co. names I would still take more.

Warmest regards, 
Peter Sawczynec 
Technology Dir.
ps at 

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2009/1/30 Peter Sawczynec <ps at>:
> Can anyone tell me a couple of company names, non-profit or major
> who are PHP users right now.

Huh?  That is like asking if anyone knows anyone that drives a car
made by General Motors.
(btw, GM uses php, on their blog)

High traffic sites: Yahoo, nytimes, Facebook

Are you looking for anything in particular?

John Campbell
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