[nycphp-talk] NY Symfony MVC PHP Framework is holding a social gathering with Fabien Potencier and other core Symfony team members with free pizza and beer tonight! 7pm

Jesse Sanford jessesanford at
Thu Aug 19 15:18:34 EDT 2010

Did I mention FREE BEER?!

On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 1:02 PM, Jesse Sanford <jessesanford at>wrote:

> This invite is extended out to the broader NYPHP community! Please register
> for the event here:
> Much of the symfony core team will be in town for the PHPBB Libertyvasion
> event and we are going to throw a party!
> The meetup will be at the Offices located at: 632 Broadway,
> suite 301, New York, NY 10012
> It will start off with a quick meet and greet and then we will hand over
> the podium to Fabien/Symfony core team for a Question and Answer session so
> come armed with your most interesting and intriguing Symfony questions!
> We will then have a post Q/A cocktail hour at a bar down the street. I am
> trying to secure a location today. Does anyone have any preference in that
> area? I reserved a table at:
> http://www.sweetandvi...
> It also has a backyard for those who smoke.
> Finally if you get to the offices early you can help us choose
> what kind of food to order! I think I will be there by 6:30 so your welcome
> to come any time after that.
> We will have the following food options:
> Two Boots Bleeker Pizza
> http://www.twoboots.c...
> Grandaisy Bakery
> http://www.grandaisyb...
> Yushi Bento Bar (we usually use downtown location)
> Lombardi's Pizza
> http://www.firstpizza...
> I am of the opinion that Pizza is easiest but we can get whatever the
> consensus is. Also we will be sure to order vegetarian/vegan options as well
> if their is a need. Please if you have dietary restrictions SPEAK UP!
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