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All interesting, thank you. I think I still might not be explaining the
situation clearly enough. Or I am dense and not getting it.

The form I am gonna display is bound -- so to speak -- to two tables.
Actually I'm using Zend Framework and MySQL and Zend_Form_SubForm. I don't
know until I see their email whether this is someone whose information has
already been put in the people table. Usually it will not be, they will be
entirely new to the application.

In the typical case, filter and validate and attempt insert, marking the
records 'inactive' until we confirm the email by sending them a link with a
token as URL parameter, they click it, bla bla, all good.

If however I catch a duplicate email exception when I attempt the insert
into 'people,' then I know this is most likely a person we've dealt with but
who has never created an actual user account -- a row in users as opposed to
people. IOW there is a record in 'people' that has this email address, but
there is no corresponding row in users. Now, I might go ahead and run an
update of the old row -- indeed MySQL provides ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE
syntax for just this situation. But I don't want to do that until I have
confirmed their email. So... I think I just need to hold onto their input
pending email verification.

Thanks again.

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