[nycphp-talk] email system for website

Matt Juszczak matt at
Sun Jan 3 17:09:12 EST 2010

> This is a good suggestion, I'd also recommend logging the email text
> (database or text log) and putting some kind of sanity check on the
> number of emails your app is sending out at any time.

What you are both suggesting makes sense, but correct me if I'm wrong, it 
duplicates email functionality.  Our front ends are programmed in two 
different languages (forgot to mention that), so if I keep the active 
emails in the front end web code, I have to write the code twice, plus I 
have to code backend functionality to allow passive emails to go out (an 
example of a passive email: someone posts a reply to a thread, and I want 
to alert all of the users who are subscribed to that thread that there's a 
new message - too much to put in the code I would think, as there could be 
1000's of subscribers).


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