[nycphp-talk] email system for website

Matt Juszczak matt at
Mon Jan 4 14:57:06 EST 2010

>   The term "REST" is an early predictor for project failure a year or two 
> down the road.  More than once I've been the guy who cleans up the mess after 
> somebody ignorantly blunders into using "REST" for something that it's not 
> appropriate for.

Well, we didn't go that route.  We had three choices: Put database logic 
inside the webserver code base, put it in the database, or put it 
somewhere in the middle.  We decided on putting it in the database, which 
ties us to using MySQL, but allows us to write a lot more front ends a lot 

Now, the question is where to put the email sending.  That's where I'm at 


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