[nycphp-talk] OOP noob - general best practices

Yitzchak Schaffer yitzchak.schaffer at
Wed Jan 20 11:45:39 EST 2010

On 1/20/2010 11:34, Paul A Houle wrote:
> Another one is that Foo::create() can return false or null rather than
> throwing an Exception; that said, much of the time throwing an Exception
> is a better error handling mechanism than returning "nothing".

That's actually one way I've used the static factory - to handle a 
situation where there is no Bar that can be created from Foo, but this 
is expected:

$foo = new Foo();
$bar = Bar::factory( $foo ); // false
if ($bar) {
   // do stuff with $bar

Is this good practice?  I think my question of client-calls-constructor 
vs. factory came out of the fact that so many of my classes fall into 
this category.

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