[nycphp-talk] Inspiration for projects.

Kristina Anderson ka at
Thu Jan 21 12:59:01 EST 2010

> I think we all realize that clients pay for projects. For some people,
> is inspiration enough. For others, it is not. Maybe their clients
don't have
> projects they find interesting. Maybe they are looking for a diversion.
> To put it anther way, we work for others to enable us to do what we
want to
> do. If some programmer really wants to do something that no one wants
to pay
> him, whats the harm.
> If I was independently wealthy I'd read more and I'd travel more, but I
> probably would still program. There probably would be a period of "ok what
> do I program" after I finished whatever hobby projects I had at the time.
> However, I'd soon find myself programming again.
> Regards,
> Justin Dearing

While I have no doubt that Tedd was slightly tongue-in-cheek with his
statements, Justin, it's also undoubtedly true that over the years,
one's enthusiasm for programming can be significantly blunted by endless
dealing with unrealistic deadlines, hostile clients, clueless managers,
worries about paying bills, and etc...

That said, I think ALL of us on this list do have a love for programming
and probably would continue to do it even if we did not have to, in
whatever capacity, albeit maybe some of us for only a few hours a week! :)


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