[nycphp-talk] Internet by Numbers 2009

tedd tedd.sperling at
Sun Jan 24 09:18:09 EST 2010

At 8:20 PM -0500 1/23/10, Mutaz Musa wrote:
>Far more depressing is the fact that IE users are 60+ % of the market.


While Windozes holds the major share of the PC market, folks are 
wising up to browsers.

I think the following is more in keeping with the "market":

Granted, such stats are dependant upon the web site sampled. For 
example, I have one web site that is frequented by only Mac users. 
For example in the last two years, it's seen over 90k Mac visitors 
with less than 2k Windozes. As such, that web site shows that IE 
users are less than 2 percent of that market. So stats are relative.

You can tell people that having a tack in their shoe is a good thing, 
but after a while they tend to listen to people who are not limping.




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