[nycphp-talk] error log monitor, git, github

Daniel Convissor danielc at
Fri Jan 29 09:48:20 EST 2010

Hey Folks:

I recently started working with Git for version control.  The learning 
curve was a bit awkward due to Git using command names from CVS and 
Subversion but having them do different things.  Plus it's a slightly 
different work flow and there are several new commands/configurations to 
figure out.  But now that I'm getting the hang of it, I like it.

One notable difference: in general practice, don't keep uncommitted 
changes and unmanaged files in your working directories when you perform 
pulls (updates), merges or commits.  You either commit them or "git 
stash" them.  Stashing puts the files and diffs into the repository, but 
without really committing them.  It's kind of a temporary storage area.  
Then once you've updated/merged/whatever, you "git stash apply" them back 
to their original location.

Anyway, I wanted to have this first project's repository be publicly 
accessible, making it easier to manage updating multiple installations 
with their various settings and customizations.  So I figured it was time 
to sign up for a GitHub account.  Again, so far, so good.  The signup 
process, user interface and documentation were all pretty decent -- 
though some bits of the user interface require JavaScript without really 
indicating so.

Then I figured, "now that I have this account, what else can I host 
there?"  This inspired me to finish something I've had on the back burner 
for about a year now... a Perl script to monitor my PHP error logs.  
This approach is necessary for two reasons.  First, while user-defined 
error handlers are excellent, if PHP goes fatal, so does the error 
handler.  Second, if the PHP install is really broken, a log observer 
written in PHP won't do much good.



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