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Mon Mar 8 18:34:59 EST 2010

On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 3:52 PM, Mitch Pirtle <mitch.pirtle at> wrote:

> This is called "smart numbers" or "intelligent numbers" and is
> generally considered a bad practice.
 True, but then so is storing library and configuration files under the web
directory[man do I loathe all the empty index.html files just to keep
directory browsing out]

As long as I am dealing primarily at the low end, shared hosting environment
open source world, I'm inclined to stick with simple solutions that work.

There actually are a number of ideas for better solutions, but in the end
they require some thought on the developers part.  Wheras using specific id
numbers doesn't require much thought[and setting up increments that we can
ignore requires almost none at all].

I think in the end there are a range of practices, and while special numbers
can and does turn around and bite you in the but eventually[what happens
when you run out of them?] - their good enough for /most/ people.  And those
who do get bitten by the issue are hopefully making enough money hand over
fist to hire programmers from the NYPHP members list. :-)
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