[nycphp-talk] good language for small GUI app?

Scott Mattocks scott at
Tue Mar 9 09:49:18 EST 2010

David Mintz wrote:
> Here's a question I know you're all gonna love.
> I'm considering writing a small desktop GUI app for my psychotherapist wife
> to manage her patient records. It will run on Linux but I guess it would be
> good if it's cross-platform. I think sqlite would be a good choice for the
> backend. What's a good programming language for the front? It looks like
> Python is a popular choice for this kind of scenario.
> I happen to speak PHP, Java (went to the trouble of getting Sun-certified in
> 2006 but have rarely used the language), and Perl (though I was never a
> black belt and haven't used it much for years). This would provide an excuse
> to learn another language.

You can't ask this question on a PHP list without at least considering 
PHP-GTK. It is cross-platform and uses PHP syntax. The GTK component 
just adds some extra classes that are used for the GUI.

I can recommend a book on the topic if you'd like :)

Scott Mattocks

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