[nycphp-talk] good language for small GUI app?

David Mintz vtbludgeon at
Tue Mar 9 15:09:47 EST 2010

Thanks for the replies.

@Scott: I wondered about PHP+Gtk, and will give it a look. Is your book
pretty much up-to-date?

As for Adobe AIR etc, truth to tell I don't really even know what it is
though I've heard of it. I'll do some reading. Qt, same answer. Not familiar
with it though I've certainly seen the term thrown around.

As for doing it as a webapp with https, that would be the easiest approach
and I've considered it. I still don't think I want to even get into storing
her sensitive data on a shared server or similar, so it would be stored on a
home network... but ours is a primitive home office, having one Ubuntu
laptop and one dual-boot desktop on which the kids are often running Windoze
for the sake of their games, but the AMP stack would be on Linux, so if that
box is the server and she wants to use this hypothetical app from the
laptop... bla bla sorry to bore you.  OTOH if it is a self-contained
standalone kind of thing and she wants to go from machine to machine...

...maybe I will go back to the webapp approach. Probably with belt plus
suspenders, i.e., run inside our firewall AND https.

Thanks again.

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David Mintz
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