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Anthony Wlodarski ant92083 at
Thu Mar 18 11:34:43 EDT 2010

Not to revive a dead issue potentially but I have been using Netbeans (Also
Java based.) with Mercurial for my development environment and I have never
looked back since.  This is coming from a developer who almost had a "VI"
tattoo on his calf.  It is pretty robust and version 6.8 is as solid as I
could ask for.  I do recommend you take a look at it.  There are Linux
packages available as well as binary install files for Windows users.  It is
actually so good that I have installed it on Windows and Linux so that when
I dual boot I feel comfortable in any environment.  Take a look here:  You can download the PHP specific
build or just download the massive "ALL" option if there are other languages
you work with.

My big problem with PDT and Zend's work on the product is the lack of
speed.  Eclipse would slow down to a snails pace and then error out or exit
on me violently.  It became apparent that it was not the environment for me
when I lost a large chunk of recent work because the IDE couldn't manage its
own memory efficiently (Netbeans has an indicator bar to tell you how much
memory you are using and I have never seen it spike over 150mb).

Hope this helps.

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