[nycphp-talk] Anyone using Indeferno?

Gary Mort garyamort at
Sun Mar 21 09:55:15 EDT 2010

I gave redmine a try and it's good, let's me work the way I think and
all....integrates with Bazaar.....etc etc.

All the good stuff.

The downside though was that it just lacks  a decent templating system,
lacks some basic API's, etc.

At the end of the day...  to get to where I want to be I find I need to
change /something/.....

In the case of meant implementing a SOAP API in order to do
some integration with some tools that already have SOAP connectors but don't
have REST connectors...  And the Ruby kids are so down on SOAP that a lot of
the cool generators that are supposed to make Ruby on Rails so fantastic
don't really work well - and the Ruby answer is a smug "well, you should use
REST"...... given a choice between coding a new integration library in Java
or coding an API in Ruby, I would prefer to work in Ruby.

Wheras Indeferno, is PHP.....which in theory makes
it easier to program for[of course, it uses it's own fun little

It means switching to Mercurial or Git....but then those are more widely
used anyway, so it's not a hardship.

Figured I'd ask if anyone else has played with it before looking further
into that route.
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