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Dear Trout,

Could you please tell me did you find answer to your question ?

Please let me know do you need help about, no matter do you want

To cooperate with me.

Best regards,



Dear Sasa

I feel that i did make a mistake of posting the post that i did post at
zend  frame works.

I am learning to develop HTML Documents either static or dynamic 100
percent by way of books and some online material.

And i see now that i am needing to go into the back, back end, way back
there in the land of command line and its jungle.

I was pointed towards the domain of NYPHP by XAMPP and while scrolling down
in there while i was in a hurry while stressing out while …

At the time that i did see the words zend frame works , a thought came
across my mind, while i was in a hurry , while i was stressing out while

 add infinity…………………….

that zend  frameworks could be or would be the place to place a question
post in regards to XAMPP.

after i made the post.

i did look into zend frame works to receive a definitive understanding. and
saw that zend frame works is geared towards PHP.

i made a mistake.

I do not have unlimited time to spend 12 hours a day at the computer.

yad yada yada.

Thank you

 your words as copied from above:

Please let me know do you need help about, no matter do you want

To cooperate with me.

cooperate ? do we get to wear leather.
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