[nycphp-jobs] Telecommuting PHP/MySQL programmer with about 5+ yrs of exp & good client references

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Sat Jul 26 00:16:31 EDT 2008

Hi ,
 I'm a Freelance Telecommuting PHP/MySQL Programmer with about 5+ yrs of experience in building web applications .
 Following are the type of small / contract jobs that I take:

Creating Custom scripts
 Member signup with email verification & login with session authentication
 Dynamic PDF File generation from the database information using FPDF libraries
 Command line processing of PHP scripts

 Installing CAPTCHA security code for the forms
 Google Maps API to display a location with pop-up info
 XML parsing to database
 CSV parsing to database
 RSS feeds using Carp
 Handling File uploads
 Generating statistics reports from the database values

 Generating Graphical reports from the database values
 Generating Excel download from the database values
 Working with complex queries in Mysql console
 Building application with SEO friendly URLs
 Installing MySQL , Apache , PHP , SVN , AWStats & software apps in linux boxes

 I can also take up bigger projects with proper specification documents along with the UI/HTML prototypes.

  Checkout my online portfolio at
  to know more about my skill-set , experiences , projects as well as client

As a verified premier paypal member since 2005  with over 70 seller reputation , I can accept paypal / credit card payments.

Please do contact me for further details , if you have any jobs.

With regards,
Phone: (+1) 510.455.4387

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