[nycphp-jobs] PHP Consulting

Francisco Reyes francisco1844 at
Tue Aug 3 10:34:50 EDT 2010

A client of mine is looking for a small company to review and be
backup for a system I and a partner of mine wrote.

The system:
A PHP library which is a subset of an open source project
Scripts in sed, awk php and python to load the data

The task:
Review the system and it's documentation
Twice yearly review all updates and make sure that in case I got hit
by the proverbial bus  that the system will be maintained.

Background info:
Over the last 5+ years I have developed, in conjunction with a
partner, a system for a client int he financial services industry. He
is looking for a company to be a backup in case anything was to happen
to me. He is looking for a small consulting firm to do this backup.

Ideally the company would setup a local copy to make sure the system
is understood well enough to maintain it if anything was to happen to

Additional y, there are some parts related to loading the data that I
am consolidating and they are into Python. Because the system grew
over time and there were several changes in the feeds the load is
right now somewhat scattered over a number of disjointed programs in
AWK, sed, PHP and Python. I am in the process of re-writing them all
to Python.

The system is fairly mature and there are not many new changes.

For consideration, please send rate information and a brief
description of your company and its qualifications.

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