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Sat Apr 30 13:59:04 EDT 2005

Working on that very thing. At the moment is seems that if the admin interface chokes on writing the config file it can't recover well. "Choking" caused by a permission issue.

I'm not sure this is Mozilla specific, but I'm not sure why it can't recover. Mitch, can you try to duplicate that part? Meanwhile I'm going to call my hosting provider and see why Mambo and php are now changing everything they write to the apache user which means I can't edit my own files!

I do *not* see that last bit as a Mambo issue, though it will cause Mambo to have issues, I bet.



On Sat, Apr 30, 2005 at 01:25:42PM -0400, Mitch Pirtle wrote:
> On the subject of compatibility, yet another of the core developers
> has just bought a dual G5, and that is our graphics guru. So if there
> are any warts on the Macintosh side, I suspect I will be hearing all
> about it on IRC...
> With the solid support on firefox (I have never had a problem with
> firefox and mambo, on ANY platform), it is hard for me to believe that
> Mozilla is a significant issue. I'll install it myself and test from
> time to time to make sure, but I would wager that most Mozilla issues
> are either version-related, or tied to the implementation on a
> particular platform.
> Basically, I need:
> * operating system version
> * browser version
> * exact step that causes the glitch
> I'll file the bug reports myself even, but I need those three things
> in order to reproduce.
> -- Mitch
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