[joomla] Looking for Joomla 'gotchas' and also Joomla/PHP hackers

Mitch Pirtle mitch.pirtle at
Mon Aug 20 15:53:36 EDT 2007

On 8/20/07, Gary Mort <bz-gmort at> wrote:
> Is there anything that is great with REALLY big numbers of anything, by
> default out of the box?

Nope. That's the point. However, unlike a lot of platforms, the
solution in this case with Joomla is to just make some modifications
to the admin template - and maybe customize one or two admin
components. Not exactly a budget-busting effort, especially on a
project for a website that supports a bajillion users/pages/widgets...

> Heck, if you have infinite money, store everything in memory and that
> will speed up your performance a good bit. :-)

Why yes, looks like you finally got it. Memcache it is!

-- Mitch, cackling like a witch

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