[joomla] Joomla Day in NYC this October?

bz-gmort at bz-gmort at
Sat Aug 25 06:18:16 EDT 2007

David A. Roth wrote:
> It was fun meeting and hanging out with everyone last Thursday night 
> with the NetBSD/NYPHP and Joomla folks. I think I was told that there 
> is going to be a Joomla Day October 13th, 2007 in NYC. However, I have 
> been unable to find any information about this. I am likely looking in 
> the wrong places. If someone could point me in the right direction 
> that would be great!
Joomla Day is discussed in this thread on the Joomla Forum(I was also 
using it to discuss the meeting since NYC area individuals where 
checking it out),149660.0/topicseen.html

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