[joomla] Seyret component -- hosting videos

Gary Mort bz-gmort at
Fri Dec 14 12:30:28 EST 2007

Donna Marie Vincent wrote:
> Hi, everyone -- how was the turnout for the party last night?  I was 
> looking forward to it but I wasn't in the city during the day so with 
> the weather I thought it would be nuts to make the trip in.

The party was...umm, what I guess one expects for a party held at a 
bar.  IE loud, dim, and lots of people.  Not my scene usually, but 
hiding out in the back made it a bit quieter, and I got to spend some 
non-kid time(well, not counting fractions) with my wife. :-)
> Anyway, I have a client who wants to host flash videos on his site and 
> I have installed Seyret.  But I'm wondering how will this affect CPU 
> usage on a shared hosting account?

Seyret will have no more CPU usage than serving up any other big files - 
and if you host the files on an external site even less.

Overall, I find Seyret to be the best solution, but I'm having to 
customize it a bit for display as they tend to implement "cool" stuff 
that isn't neccessarily what you need for a business site.

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