[joomla] clearing out a new install

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>>unzip the file into your directory

I've been meaning to find out, how do you unzip the file on the server?  Obviously, you can do it from the command line, but if you don't have that kind of access can you do it through the cpanel?

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Mark Simko wrote:
> When setting up a new installation of Joomla, is it always necessary
> manually delete the articles, categories, and sections. Is there a
> way to set up a blank installation during install, or a quick utility
> clear out everything?

Well, if you don't install the sample data you don't have that problem.

I think an easier solution though is to:
1) Install and configure everything you want in your "basic" package.

Export the database to the root of the html folder.
Tar up the entire folder.

Than to deploy a new copy, unzip the file into your directory.  Import 
the SQL files and delete them.
Edit the configuration file and make the appropriate changes there for 

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