[joomla] css editing

masimko at masimko at
Sat Dec 29 23:47:41 EST 2007

While in the template manager, I tried using the builtin css editor to monkey with the layout.css file with one of the templates.

The result was that my changes were not reflected in the output, and the file seems to be locked up as unwritable.

Fortunately, this is a local installation on a linux machine.

Checking the permissions of the file itself in terminal window, I see that it is changed from 644 to 555! (rw-r--r-- to r-xr-xr-x).

Is this behavior normal? Am I missing something?

I assume that it would be ok to edit this css file with vi and change the permissions with chmod to get things changed back.

Is the css editor in the template manager working or something I should avoid for now?


ps. Happy new year to everyone. 

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