[joomla] Joomla questions

Andrew Markushin scullion at
Tue Apr 22 16:40:02 EDT 2008

> Ok, seriously now. Here's a good place to start looking:

Thanks, Mitch. Most of these extensions are commercial, the rest do not 
support version 1.5 (and I'd like to try this one out). Besides, if I 
understood correctly, these extensions allow to manage multiple sites 
from one backend, which is not my case. I might be wrong, but I've got a 
feeling that having a separate installation for each of my three sites 
(which are very alike, like I mentioned) is an overkill.

A thought about a nasty cheat just crossed my mind: I could create a 
separate menu for each site, which would only be visible if "in itself", 
and a non-joomla welcome page (which I need anyway). From that page, I 
could redirect visitors to the "Homes" of the corresponding menus 
depending on the requested URL. Since Joomla is installed in a 
subdirectory, no 'index.php' clashes will occur.

I know it's quite a special case anyway, and my cheat is not even 
Joomla-related, but still, what do you think?


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