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Thu Mar 18 12:54:47 EDT 2010

So this is what I thought:

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> I'm looking to put together a community site. I would like some
> suggestions for extensions to use. You can be brief.
> Here's what I'm looking to do:
> Membership is to be free and anonymous. I don't want to store user's
> email addresses.

I thought I would just use the standard Joomla content system, although
I might be better off using FlexiContent.

I don't see any advantage to using community builder.

> Users should be able to post articles / stories, and categorize them
> if
> they wish
> Stories should be taggable, and need a search for the tags. Also tag
> cloud.

Which brings up how tag clouds work:

Should they be
	1. based upon the frequency of key words in the content?
	2. based upon the frequency that key words are searched upon?
	3. based upon users tagging content with their own keywords?

What's out there to address these scenarios?

> Visitors should be able to commment on stories.

I'd like suggestions about commenting extensions that anyone likes

> Need banner ads to bring revenue.

Ads manager? Anything else that is good?

> Thanks for you feedback.
> Mark

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