[joomla] K2 and Allvideos - How to do a Youtube thumbnail?

David Roth davidalanroth at
Tue Dec 27 04:49:16 EST 2011

Anyone familiar with K2 and Allvideos? I installed K2 and it looks very useful.  (Thanks again Stephen Britton for recommending it.) I then needed to install Allvideos so it would work with media.

I want to be able to have embedded Youtube links with control over the thumbnail being displayed, but since Youtube limits your selection to three random video frames to act as the "poster" or thumbnail, I'd prefer to select my own graphic and have it displayed. 

So I have been checking out K2 and Allvideos. On they have as an example of a website using their Allvideos plug-in here:

Look in the above URL and see on the right where it says Video Gallery. Notice how a graphic is displayed first in the youtube video before it's played and then it proceeds normally to play the Youtube video. That's what I want to be able to do, create my own graphic to display before the user clicks on the video.

Since I'm new to K2 and Allvideos as I mentioned, it's not clear to me how this is being accomplished to display these Youtube videos with the thumbnails. I poked around a little in the HTML but that's only going to show me after it's been processed by the plug-ins. 

I've seen example code like this:


which embeds a Youtube player. But I've been unable to find an example of where a graphic image to be used as the thumbnail is being specified.

Any brilliant insight to this would be greatly appreciated.

David Roth

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