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HTML5 Boilerplate and mondernizr are libraries used to create HTML5
sites/applications. You would not use these libraries to be used in
conjunction a Joomla template, but rather to design and build Joomla

The majority of commercial Joomla templates are XHTML. Although, the major
template clubs are slowly rolling out HTML5 templates, notably JoomlArt and
Joomla Bamboo.

The problem is Joomla 2.5's module chrome only supports XHTML. I have been
told that they are working on an upcoming release that will support HTML5.
So right now, if you want to develop HTML5 sites with Joomla, you need to
work with a third party library. This involves changing a lot of the code
in com_content.

The two free frameworks that can be used for developing HTML5 Joomla
templates are: Matt Thomas' excellent Construct framework

And Seth Warburton's One Web framework. Note that you can also download
Seth's HTML5 overrides and use them in your own HTML5 templates as I have

JoomlaBamboo has some nice looking HTML5 templates, although I have not
personally checked them out yet.

- - - Steve

On Thu, May 17, 2012 at 11:12 AM, Janet Sullivan <jmsullivan50 at>wrote:

> Has anyone used the or with Joomla
> templates?
> Do most commercial templates work with these tools?  or is it hit and
> miss?  If someone has
> had good results with a particular template using these tools, please
> identify the template...
> Thanks!
> Janet Sullivan
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