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Janet Sullivan jmsullivan50 at
Sat May 19 06:29:39 EDT 2012

I am building a joomla site using  Yootheme, based on the Warp framework.

 I can't limit my changes to only what the framework/ theme has built in so use firebug to 

 to identify  the css changes necessary.

My problem is that I don't know where I should be putting the new CSS code.  I know how to change the various
css files because firebug tells me the filename and the line number for each element that I want to change. I could
easily go into each file and make the changes.  
However, is that how I should be working?  For example, I am using a free version of the TK Redemption theme.  Suppose later in the
project I need the premium features of that theme and need to upgrade?  If I have made a bunch of random changes to the css, I think
I may have to start all over with the premium theme.  I think there should be a way to isolate my CSS is a separate place to make upgrading

What is the proper procedure  so I don't make a mess?
Thanks in advance.  And by the way, this forum (and the NYC Users Group) is GREAT.  Thanks to everyone who has helped this novice
jump start with Joomla!

Janet Sullivan
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