[joomla] Google Results & Keywords - How do I get listed?

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SEO is a process, not a destination.

There are many different factors that google considers to rank web pages.  And no one can give you the definitive
formula, since google holds these secrets close to the chest, to prevent people from gaming the system.
That said, google's goal is to deliver the *best* search results to retain its spot as the the #1 search engine.  Here
are some of the things that will help boost your page rank, while maintaining the integrity of what search is supposed to
be about:

	1. how current is the site:  is the content refreshed regularly?  Or is it old?  this could be why the posts by you and your friends show up first....they are more recent than the site itself.

	2. Inbound links:  from *quality* sites using relevant anchor text.  This is like an independent "vote" that says to google: "hey, we think this site has great content"  links from home page are more valuable.

	3. keyword density:  using keywords that match the pattern of natural language.  don't duplicate content in an effort to boost keyword density.
	4. use unique titles for each page;  meta keywords don't count anymore (they say) but they don't hurt either.  I would use them.

	5. how easy is it for google to index your site?  consistent, clear navigation is the key; large complex sites should include a site map

	6. staying power:  Has the site been around for a while?  and does it plan to stay around?  You can't do much about "back dating" when the site came into existence, but you can buy the domain registration for multiple years out.
there is not a definitive list, just a few suggestions.  good luck

Janet Sullivan

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Subject: [joomla] Google Results & Keywords - How do I get listed?

I've been trying to get my site to appear in Google when searching for certain key words, and I seem to be getting stumped - I'm showing up on page 2, not near the top.  Posts by myself or friends about the site appear before the site itself in the search results.

The key phrases I am looking for are "larp nj" - where the term "larp" is the kind of activity the site is promoting (it's a kind of game / sport), and it's based in New Jersey.  Searching on "larp nj" turns up all our competitors, but not our own site.

I've designed the site with a SEO-friendly template, filled in site keywords, made sure the front page has text and isn't just a splash page, etc. - but I can't seem to get the site to come up on results for those key words.

What am I missing?  How do I get those words to trigger a better result with my site?

The site itself is:

(The odd thing is... we're one of the biggest games out of all our competitors, DESPITE this ranking thing.  It's more a matter of technical frustration at this point than a marketing issue... ;-)  )
Geoffrey Schaller
gjschaller at

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