[joomla] Google Results & Keywords - How do I get listed?

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Tue Nov 13 10:28:50 EST 2012

There is so much more to SEO than what you get from most articles.
Having now started to build my own Search Engine bot, I am beginning to 
create formulas to find what I want.

The results I get from an index tells me so much.

I can target a page that has what I want and I often do not get what I 
want from KW.

On 11/13/2012 10:12 AM, brynk wrote:
> I have enjoyed reading this thread especially since the information 
> given is not only very useful but also it is honest and ethical. What 
> has not been mentioned are the unethical ways to get higher ratings 
> and I greatly appreciate the community for not suggesting these other 
> methods. I recently had an incident with a new customer who had his 
> site hosted by a Company in the mid-west. He was not happy with 
> service so he called me. I created a new Joomla CMS site from the 
> content and design he was using with this other company. When the new 
> site went live, I noticed something pretty fascinating.  You could do 
> a google search with legitimate search terms that you would expect to 
> use to find his business. When you got Google search results you also 
> got hits for URL's that made no sense at all such as example: 
> http://(Company Name)/Rhianna.html or http://(Company Name)/ 
> Christiana Milan.htm. There were literally 15-20 hits listed in the 
> google search results that made no sense at all. Of course, these hits 
> were broken once we went live with the new site. I did not create 
> redirects on the new site for these bogus url's but did for legitimate 
> ones.
> My client was paying for SEO and high google ratings from the previous 
> web company. I had to explain to him why I could not guarantee those 
> same results.  I will do all I can to get a client listed as high as 
> possible in search engines but I will not do the unethical redirects 
> and garbage that I see people do to get higher search results. Some of 
> these SEO Companies are just snake oil salesmen.  I will not charge 
> and/or promise something that is basically undeliverable through 
> honest means. Luckily, my new client appreciated my honesty and is not 
> interested in higher search engine rankings through unethical tricks.
> My two cents
> Bob Rynkiewicz
> On 11/6/2012 11:30 AM, Geoffrey Schaller wrote:
>> I've been trying to get my site to appear in Google when searching 
>> for certain key words, and I seem to be getting stumped - I'm showing 
>> up on page 2, not near the top.  Posts by myself or friends about the 
>> site appear before the site itself in the search results.
>> The key phrases I am looking for are "larp nj" - where the term 
>> "larp" is the kind of activity the site is promoting (it's a kind of 
>> game / sport), and it's based in New Jersey.  Searching on "larp nj" 
>> turns up all our competitors, but not our own site.
>> I've designed the site with a SEO-friendly template, filled in site 
>> keywords, made sure the front page has text and isn't just a splash 
>> page, etc. - but I can't seem to get the site to come up on results 
>> for those key words.
>> What am I missing?  How do I get those words to trigger a better 
>> result with my site?
>> The site itself is:
>> (The odd thing is... we're one of the biggest games out of all 
>> our competitors, DESPITE this ranking thing.  It's more a matter of 
>> technical frustration at this point than a marketing issue... ;-)  )
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