[joomla] Change the domain name?

David Roth davidalanroth at
Fri Nov 16 15:00:42 EST 2012

Hi Janet.

It depends on how the website we built if the domain name is referenced in
the Joomla MySQL database tables. To see if this is the case, I recommend
doing a mysqldump of the existing Joomla website. Then bring it up in an
editor to search for the name of the domain. If the domain doesn't occur
anyplace, then you don't have to be concerned about the database part. If
it is, then you will need to do a change. Be careful as a global change
might not be what is best.

Then check the configuration.php file for db, user, password, tmp and log
files path. Even though they might not be related specifically to the
domain, the new environment is going to most likely have a new directory
path to host Joomla for you.

Then re-create the mysql databases on the new hosting service, making sure
you change it to their new name in the mysqldump output (.sql) which was
created. Then load the changed mysql back in. Pay attention to the full
name the shared hosting service uses for the MySQL database. They often
pre-append your account name, which MySQL treats as part of the MySQL
database's name. For example, if your account name on the shared hosting
service is foobaz and you filled in though CPANEL that you want the name of
the database to be tux, the MySQL databases it creates on there will be
called foobaz_tux. Make sure this is correct in your configuration.php.

With the linux command line you can create a compressed tar file of the
entire Joomla root directory and copy that over via sftp.

Hope that helps!

David Roth

On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 2:30 PM, Janet Sullivan <jmsullivan50 at>wrote:

> I need to move a joomla site from one hosting server to another hosting
> account
> AND in the process, I need to change the domain name of the website.
> Luckily, both hosting services use cpanel interface, which makes it easy
> to move the
> site...however, how do I change the domain name.  I thought there would be
> something
> in the config.php file, but I don't see it..
> Thanks!
> Janet Sullivan
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