[joomla] What's a good SEO / SEF tool for Joomla 2.5?

Geoffrey Schaller gjschaller at
Mon Nov 19 17:18:40 EST 2012

I've been working on improving my site's ranking, with a lot of help from
this group - thank you all!

One of the big things I did recently was get rid of an older component
(JFusion) that had ugly URLs, and replaced it with something with more
clean & friendly looking URLs (JoomGallery, instead of using JFusion to
bridge to something else).  In addition, I've done a bunch with image
optimization, etc. to help speed up the site, and other things recommended
by PageSpeed.

I'm now looking for a good SEO / SEF utility for Joomla.  I have Xmap
installed already - I'm looking for something that will help with metadata,
keywords, etc.

I was looking at MijoSEF, which is free... but it breaks JoomGallery unless
you pay for a plugin.

Can anyone recommend a good component?  Even if it's not free, if it's
worth the money, that's a good thing!

Geoffrey Schaller
gjschaller at
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