[nycphp-talk] PHP Object handling. A rant.

Raymond DeRoo rainman at
Sat Jun 1 21:25:43 EDT 2002


> Is it really that bad? ->

Some of the points he brings up where probably valid at the time of his 
writing. Though he does not mention specifically which version he's using, 
but I would guess 4.0.6. PHP 4.1.x> can put objects in sessions and be 
carried from one page to the next. Still at issue (at least for 4.2.1) is 
when you serialize() an object, methods are lost when you unserialize(). 
Though I've heard this has been corrected in Zend 2.0

As for is gripping about error handling, PHP 4.2 now ships default with E_ALL 
for error reporting as the default. A *great* way to write code, but I don't 
run production servers with error logging set that high. But that's just me, 


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