[nycphp-talk] PHP and XML and Soap

Jon Baer jonbaer at
Mon Jun 3 19:22:08 EDT 2002

What are backend things in PHP that make the past XML/XSLT support so 
inadquate in the past that he mentions in the beginning?  Personally I 
don't find XML/XML-RPC/SOAP to be rocket science but it happens so often 
that session management pops up, other outside problems arise and its 
things that tend not to do with the original problems (if any) ...

There are some small things in general with XML/Envelopes that I 
personally would like to see ... things like document handling (either 
DOM nodes) or basic changes for XML documents tied to a backend 
database.  This isn't a PHP problem per se but just that there doesn't 
seem to be much info based on large document event handling, the same 
goes for SOAP ...

It would be nice to be able to get an Envelope from a server, modify it, 
and have those modifications be tied back to the originating server, but 
its obvious that the XML or SOAP can't do this but so many people I know 
have projects that revolve around SQL/XML (via network) that getting the 
two to tie together seems like 10 different ways to accomplish that one 

- Jon

Hans Zaunere wrote:

>If anyone catches the weekly newletter from Zend, it's apparent that
>XML is making big strides in PHP.  As an XML freshmen, I found this
>article exceptionally useful as a reference and roadmap:
>Hans Z.
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