[nycphp-talk] strange ifconfig error message

Hans Zaunere zaunere at
Thu Jun 6 10:05:46 EDT 2002

I don't think this would be a problem in RedHat, per se, but rather the
kernel/NIC drivers of any given Linux distro.  Tulip NICs and their
drivers, from my expierence, have been notorisouly fickle - they seem
to have slight version changes and revisions regularly.  This may just
be a case of the NIC being a different revision than the driver - and
the ifconfig command needs to be pounded in a little harder, by way of
the extra call.

I have RH 7.3 on a couple production machines, and it's been running
great (it's beginning to rival my faith in 6.2).  I wouldn't let this
stop you from the upgrade, and you could always downgrade/recompile an
older driver revision for your NIC.


--- Sean Smith <ssmith at> wrote:
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> Hello everyone,
>     I joined the list about a month ago and have been reading some
> very
> useful posts. They have helped a great deal. Thank you to everyone.
>     About the ifconfig error, is this only happening on RH 7.3? I've
> used the tulip drivers with netgears cards from RH 6.2 up to RH 7.1
> (current running version at my office) without a problem. I have
> downloaded 7.3 just haven't upgraded yet. I guess I won't until I
> hear
> the results of this problem.

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