[nycphp-talk] receiving params passed from one webpage to another

Hans Zaunere zaunere at
Thu Jun 6 10:13:07 EDT 2002

This is certainly a register_globals issue - but don't turn it on! Code

in a.php:

Please help by <a href="browform.php?brow=<?=$brow?>">letting us

Then in browform.php:

Thank you for helping <?=$_GET['brow']?>!

Or something similar.  Note that <?= will only work if short_tags is on
- as it is by default (I think).  But register_globals defaults to off
for a reason - it's bad, as are most global vars.


--- Michael Southwell <southwell at> wrote:
> Here I am with another elementary question; sorry about that.
> I'm trying to pass parameters from one webpage to another.  So
> I have something like this in the first one:
> <CODE>
> please help by <a href="browform.php?brow=<?php echo "$brow";
> ?>">letting 
> us know</a>
> </CODE>
> I can tell by the url that the parameter is being sent correctly.
> Then in browform I have (for testing purposes)
> <CODE>
> <?php echo "$brow"; ?>
> </CODE>
> But this gives me the notice that "brow is an undefined variable." 
> So the 
> problem
> is that browform isn't receiving the parameter.
> I'm sure there's some very simple answer to this (I have this
> kind of thing working perfectly elsewhere in a POST), but right now
> I'm 
> stumped.
> Can somebody help?  Thanks in advance.
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