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Petr Pomorov petr at
Sun Jun 9 01:30:07 EDT 2002

There are many many many true :)
I have more experience with perl forums, Yabb is a favourite, but 
as far as PHP is concerned, phpBB and the 
abovementioned come to mind first....
Both easy to install and implement- though i prefer phpBB myself 
On Friday 31 May 20phorum.org02 10:26 am, you wrote:
> I need to find a fairly simple and customizable open-source message board
> application written in PHP using either mySQL or flat files.
> Using google and other web sources I have no problem finding hundreds, but
> how does one sift through all the junk?
> Can anyone recommend a good one?
> Jim Musil
> Senior Developer
> Nettmedia
> jim at

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