Job: SysAd, human rights, open source and free software.. in DC

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Thu Jun 13 23:00:09 EDT 2002


This would be my dream job if not for the Linux guru part (and the ap't 
lease I just signed..).

I couldn't imagine a better use for one's LAMP skills, so please pass it on:

Abstracted from:

"We're looking for someone who loves free software, wants to support human 
rights, and is eager to travel some of the most difficult places in the 

We work to apply science to human rights. One way we do that is by building 
information management systems and doing statistical analysis of large-scale 
human rights atrocities. We've done projects in Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, 
South Africa, Kosovo, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka. We work with non-governmental 
organizations, UN missions, truth commissions, and tribunals.

We think that freedom is pretty important, and we are deeply concerned about 
how copyright enforcement legislation might be used to repress human rights 
organizations. We have a long-standing interest in the use of cryptography 
to promote human rights. These interests (and many other observations too 
numerous to discuss here) have led us to conclude that open source and free 
software promotes human rights values, and so we are trying to do all our 
work in open source and free software.

Skills Required:

You need to be very comfortable with GNU/Linux systems. In particular, some 
of the skills you should have include a mastery of GNU/Linux installations, 
boot loaders, and init scripts; a wide knowledge of system demons; 
experience installing, configuring, and deploying free software office & 
productivity applications; script experience (perl, Python, shell); and at 
minimum, a working understanding of SQL, free software implementations of 
SQL back ends (MySQL, PostgreSQL), and of rapid ways to provide UIs to SQL 
systems (glade, PHP/HTML).

Things that would help but aren't essential would be a working knowledge of 
make/autoconf, C/C++, Apache, PHP, Java, and javascript. Knowing something 
about statistics and statistical graphics under GNU/Linux (e.g., R) would be 
helpful. Do you have an opinion about vi(m?) versus (Xe|e)macs?"

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