[nycphp-talk] best code for Login !.

Raymond DeRoo rainman at
Fri Jun 14 08:11:46 EDT 2002


> How would this work:
> $myparadigm = new Paradigm;
> $myparadigm->Authorize('username','password');
> if( $myparadigm->Result === LOGGED_IN )
>   header('Location:');
> else
>   header('Location:');

I used to use this type of approach. However I found that more and more 
clients have files which they want protected, not just pages. A such I've 
moved towards mod_auth_mysql or mod_auth_ldap (depending up on size and 
availability). I realize that I can (and have) write a page that will get a 
file on the file-system and pass it through to the user. However the added 
URL complexity tends to confuse the most users.


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